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Individual health owes more or less to guided indications people follow to take care of their health. They may feature a few personal steps such as controlling a certain medical condition, which is mostly a prolonged condition, by exercising disease management strategies. Self-care management may also feature individual hygienic strategies to avoid infection or disease spread through external treatment such as washing hands and taking baths with detergents, tooth-brushing, proper food storage and sensible eating, etc.

The knowledge gained from an individual's day-to-day routine, e.g. diet, physical activity, sleep behavior, living-environment is employed by an individual to express if he or she is feeling tired, sleepy or not feeling well in a certain way about his or her body. These primary observations endorsed / registered or complained by the individual could lead the clinical advice for treatment or cure if needed.


Individual health has lot to do with the social set-up (environment) he or she is living in. It has been observed that the individuals, who nurture strong social ties and are involved in others' social well-being or bear positive frame of mind, have shown greater longevity. Mental health featuring a positive, optimistic and a welfare and social minded attitude in life casts soothing effects on your being and you seem to live long as recorded by scientific study on longevity. The studies show that a volunteering social being would show greater cognition and little depression compared to an anti-social person.

When mental stress and depression exist for long, they cause cognitive disorders, boost aging, and increase your vulnerability to a measure of reduction in immunity against diseases. Stress management is an area of study that features certain physio-mental techniques to do away with tension and occasion relaxation through psychological therapies (e.g. meditation, a change of mind). Also engaging in certain pastimes such as sauna, spa, massaging, hot-tub bathing and touring helps sometimes to relieve nerves by providing an instance of escape from the daily monotony.

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