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The complete certainty of thinking of a person that “He can do anything” or confidence of someone on his knowledge or skills is somewhat known as Self Confidence. It is imperative than other capabilities and qualities. It has been said that: Confidence is the Key to Success possessing self-confidence means one has won half the battle of life  and one can combat all the difficulties of life leaving positive impression of his personality on others.  Self- confidence is always considered to be the first step towards achievement.

Nothing is perfect in this world every one lacks confidence in various aspects like there are many people who can’t face crowd of people but it does not mean they cannot do anything may be they are best in any other skill, if we have a lot of gen and knack but if we do not have Self-confidence we cannot be successful in our lives. Dissimilar to this if we have a little or average knowledge and skills but if we are blessed with consistently real self- confidence then life will give us chances to prove ourselves.


Like over- confidence and arrogance,  self-distrust and diffidence are also great mistakes. There are many people around us who are blessed with real aptitude in different fields but still they never achieve anything because they are frightened to take the first step. By such attitude many valuable things are lost. So truly said by Ma’am Helen Keller that: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” So start believing in yourself definitely success will be your fate.

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