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Living a comfortable life is very difficult. A lot of challenges and hurdles come on every step of life. To face all these challenges everyone needs a power to take every step of life boldly and bravely. This power is called self confidence”. If a man does not have self confidence be cannot show his abilities and cannot be successful in life.


Everyone in this world needs self confidence. It is not related to any specific profession every needs it. Some people do not accept the importance of self confidence but its reality is clear. Self confidence is that power through that half of which a man performs his daily tasks. I f there is no confidence he will cannot progress to a successful life.


How a person can get self confidence?

It is totally related to brain and based on our ideas. Self confidence comes slowly and gradually and a time comes when that person develops such a strong trust on himself that he can do everything.

Some people think that gaining self confidence is very difficult. There is a fear of failure in their brain. They cannot try again and again and ultimately develops inferiority complex.  As a result these people remain behind in every field of life.


For self confidence most important thing is trust on yourself slowly and gradually you will be on the track of success. And if you stop at a point and never try to proceed forward then you will never get success.

To be successful you have to face challenges with confidence. Take every step in your life with confidence and never lose your heart. You will get success in every field of life.


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i am syed hidayatullah.i have done msc in mathematics from pakistan.And now i am a bloger at filmannex.and feeling great

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