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Are you self contended?

What is contentment?

It can be given a lot of definitions all according to personal opinions or views.

If a person is happy with what he has, it is a great thing indeed because such a virtue is rare these days.

Everyone wants more and one desire leads to the next.

There is no absence of wants or desires in a lifetime because even normal lifestyle is based on desire – desire to eat, dress etc,

What to do to be contended and happy?

We should realize that desires never cease. Even if we get one desire fulfilled, another one pops up.

Even if we are millionaires, our desires will not end.

So, where is the end to all of this?

Unfortunately, there is no end.

When we are unhealthy or sick, we will wish for health and the ability to live life normal.

Basic stuff like living a normal life is a dream for many. If we have a roof over our heads and food to eat and a comfortable lifestyle, it is a BLESSING indeed. Most of us do not realize it and just keep on wanting for more and more.

Contentment is happiness. Self contentment can be got by giving to others too. If we take one small step towards charity, it will bring great happiness. The returns are bigger than what we think. Selfishness shrinks the mind and heart.

The more we share, the more we are happy because other hearts and stomachs are full because of our small deed. Imagine the joy of a child when we gift an ice cream. It is incomparable.

Try small gifts for kids who families are not so well off financially. It can be story books or toys or just snacks. Try introducing a community program which gives milk and bread to undernourished children. Also, spread the message of using land for planting trees and thus saving the planet from becoming bare. Fruit orchards are a great idea and the fruits can be distributed for free among all.

Community farming projects are a reality in Kerala, a small state in India. The rate of unemployment is very low because ladies have formed groups and lease land to cultivate and produce various crops. Their ‘kudumbasree’ project as it is known has impressed even the US president.

Involve in hobbies which serves to give than receive; which does more good than harm. Then self contentment will be your constant companion.

Elders should develop the habit of pursuing some hobby like making paper bags, gardening, or crafts. They can also sell their work online or offline. Such stuff not only ensures independent income but also boosts self confidence. 

I have seen many an elderly person give in to depression and just pushing away days waiting for the inevitable. I have also seen vitality in some other elderly people who motivated even the young around them and their stories encouraged me to write about them.

When we love doing some type of work, it is better to pursue it. Hobbies can become passions if we are dedicated enough. if you are successful in your work, then do not hesitate to share it with others through your blog or through social sites because it can help someone to overcome depression. 

Please take time to read this and if you feel this post has a message, share it with others so that someone who feels down can be helped. I wish those who succumbed to depression could have been helped before it was too late. I wish that no one feels sad or moody again because life is to be lived happily. Each day deserves all our effort and when the sun sets yet again, we should feel that we have done our bit. 

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