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Humans are the only species of God that can talk and have different behaviors. However, they are not always the same because of their free willed nature. Sometimes they have to improve themselves to reach up the mark. Although they will be improved as time passes by. So, the first question is why should we improve and just stay as we are?

The answer is simple. The emotions of the humans vary. Sometimes they really want themselves being praised by some one. You can only be praised when you are best at your self. If you improve you will succeed. Secondly, you should improve your self in order to give or enter a competition, be someone and proove that no one is better than you. This is what most of the humans aim. Self Improvement also helps you understand different things, it can also help you do less mistakes and trust your self more, because the daily life mistakes are done when we have less faith in our selves and depend on others more.

Life is not a bed of roses, which means, life is not always easy to live, and so to move on, you must be in the level of the present world, and if you do not improve your self and stay same like you were, you won't be able to face the new generation easily. 

So, how should we improve ourselves? The answer for this is also very simple, beleive in your self. Moreover see what mistakes you have done, practice them, and master them, and then plan not to do them again. See where you are wrong, and where you are right. Make suggesstions that can be good for you and keep practicing that which you cannot. Make your self active, and your character is what concieves you and percieves others, so make it better infact beautiful e.g become sincere and honest.

So, to achieve a name, to achieve a great tomorrow, you must be yourselve, and improve your self. Another thing I forgot was Meditation. Meditation can help you feel exactly what you feel inside. It makes you peacefull like the monks, which eventually helps you cope up with different enviornment and learn skills like a galoping horse!

Well, I think I should be getting this article to its near end, make your self improved and fight entarnally that you face, and you will see your self better everytime you do implement on it!

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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