Sem Maltsev: Becoming Batman or Why Film Production is so Important?

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Why is film production so important? And I am not talking about Hollywood productions now. I would like to talk about online film production, meaning that a produced film will be distributed online and only online on platforms such as Film Annex, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. The question is why is it so important? First of all, it's not a secret that the Internet is growing with tremendous speed. Cisco predicts that 90% of all internet traffic will be video in the next three years.

Besides online video growth, there is a huge growth in technology and cameras in particular. These days, anybody can afford a 1080p HD camera and most people have it in their smartphones. Cameras become cheaper and cheaper and video quality higher and higher. That's why you can find millions of videos on Youtube. But the problem is that 90% of this content is user-generated, meaning unprofessional and about another funny cat :) 

I think at this point, it's essential to produce professional content, content that other people will enjoy. I am really proud to be a part of Film Annex platform, where 99% (because nothing is 100%) is professional content. Nothing goes up until our staff reviews it. 

(Do you want to be Batman and spend $20,000 on a short film...)

I believe every human in this world has to have a video presence online. It doesn't matter who you are, an artist or business owner or engineer or janitor, if you want to grow and make your business grow, you have to present yourself to the world and become a thought leader in your niche (industry). And online video is the right tool to do it.  And now the question is how much do you want to invest in yourself? Do you want to be Batman and spend $20,000 on a short film where you play Batman, or do you want to spend nothing and shoot a video on your iPhone where you and your friends are hanging out in a bar. Do you want to be on top of the mountain and make a professional video message to your customers or do you want to wait and watch how other people do it? It's your choice today to make your future tomorrow. 

(Do you want to be on top of the mountain and make a professional video message to your customers...)

There are two ways of doing film production:

1. You can learn basics through online tutorials "how to film and edit", buy cheap equipment and try to shoot something. 

In this case, you invest your time and effort on learning and making mistakes and the result might be not so bright.

2. You can hire a professional team of filmmakers like us (Target Marketing Annex) and we will not only show your work, we'll also show YOU to the world. And it's your choice who you want to be: a corporate guy from Wall Street or Batman or mountains conqueror... And after that, people will follow you, people will listen to you, because they know that you are the best in you industry. 

Here is Target Marketing Annex philosophy, where we ask 4 simple questions:

1. Are you or your company a “Thought Leader”?

2. In what subject or what topic?

3. What keywords best define your leadership?

4. How do you quantify your leadership?

But today, I want to rephrase it to:

1. Do you have an online video presence?

2. In what niche?

3. How much do you want to invest in yourself to become a thought leader in your industry?  

I would like to hear your opinions in the comments below. 

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