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Hi Everybody,

Today I would like to share the editing process of The Afghan Perspective episode.

The goal is to create video like this:

1. I don’t know what editing software you are using, they are all similar, but I recommend using and learning ADOBE PREMIERE CS6. Read my blog to know why I changed editing software from FCP 7 to Adobe Premiere CS6.

2. You also need a program called PluralEyes 3. Because we are shooting videos with DSLR cameras, we are recording the sound externally with another device (Zoom H4n) and in post-production we have to replace the camera sound with the external recorded sound (separate .WAV file).


3. The first step is to put the videos and sound on a timeline and synchronize the external audio with the videos using PluralEyes 3.

4. the second step is cleaning up: you have to go through the video and edit out unnecessary parts and the ones where people are stumbling.

5. Create an intro part. Write nice titles at the beginning and use logos if appropriate. Also it's nice to use some simple music piece. 

“ON AIR” and intro text I used - Adobe Garamond Pro Font

Important: Try to use the same font everywhere.

6. Do the same with the ending part. Use logos and a call for action.

7. Create pop-in titles for the interviewing person and interviewer.


8. Add the Film Annex watermark (20-3 % opacity)

9. Insert b-rolls if appropriate.

10. Color Correction: for the Afghan Perspective episode, you have to make it Black and White.

11. Check the audio level, make sure it's the same level as the music.

12. Export the project to a video file.

- H.264 codec.

- You can choose Preset: Youtube HD 1080p 29.97

- Make sure that target bitrate is 2.2 Mbps 

I hope this manual will be helpful especially for aspiring Afghan filmmakers, who will help the Film Annex Production team in New York.

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