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January 18, 2013.

Here is my week recap.

Shooting jobs:

1. New episode of "An Afghan Perspective on CBS' 60 minutes", where Fereshteh Forough talks about Justice Sotomayor. Video will be up soon.

2. We shot an amazing interview with Mari Lyn Henry. She is talent manager, actress, career coach and author of one of the best books in industry "How to Be a Working Actor". It was long, but informative interview. I am very excited to edit it.

(Interviewing Mari Lyn Henry)

3. Thursday afternoon we went to Staten Island, NY to shoot interviews with founder of GMRF (Global Medical Relief Fund) Elissa Montanti and a kids. It was very interesting experience . Elissa have done incredible job in changing peoples lives. 

4. Fereshteh Forough interviewed Tommaso Rulli, vice president of Film Annex. They discussed Women's Annex and Fashion Industry in Afghanistan, Central and South Asia.

Editing Jobs:

1. Updated: Paul Levitz of Cupcake Digital - Weighs in on Historic Characters and Brands

2. First episode of "An Afghan Perspective - 60 Minutes on CBS"

3. Second episode "An Afghan Perspective - 60 Minutes on CBS - How to Design Breakthrough Inventions"

It was done and then reedited. We had a meeting with Film Annex team and decided to make it black & white. And also it took a lot of time to work on intro,but finally everybody satisfied with new intro and style.

4. Stan Wunderlich of Consulting For Strategic Growth 1 picks Neostem and Medifocus

5. The Creative Process @ Cupcake Digital

(Film Annex Team)


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