Senbei: A New Twist of Taste Today

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So earlier, I was so hungry and craving for something to eat while I brainstorm myself what to write. I noticed that in our table there is this oblong shaped thingy that looked like "otap", a local biscuit made in my country which is golden brownish dipped in raw sugar. I thought it "taste" like otap so opened the wrapper and ate this One One Snack. 

After having a small bite I was like, "what is this?". I am a bit confused whether to be pleased because it is new or yummy. Really. Then I searched online and found out that this biscuit is called "Senbei". It is a Japanese Rice Cracker best partnered with tea and is offered to house guests. 

I don't know what to say. It tastes salty but I can't stop biting because it is so crunch and easy to chew. I actually enjoyed eating and finished the whole package (2 pieces per pack) in a matter of seconds. 

Maybe I don't get to please by it because I am not a salty food lover, since I love eating sweets and spicy foods. Maybe later, I'll have another bite and I will update you again about it.


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