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I rarely admit to everyone that I love and I have a boyfriend, but admits there are a few people who love me, and I do not love them. I'm not lying, it is true that they loved me, but I do not have feelings, courage and time to open up, with the things I love luxury, wasteful, time-consuming! And I just like to live 21 years, despite someone mad, tormented because I refused coldly ignoring someone 5 times 7 views expressed sentiments not to, I have 1 vibration. And then he came, for I know how to love, and now I can be cold, but admitted that: Yeah, I'm in love!

And I do not think I will love someone like that!

It's not a very handsome, normal beauty, but kept himself handsome form: "I love you a bit lucky, for what is beautiful as you, the most beautiful smart Hanoi this! " Yeah, I love a paranoid!

It was an all day complain, scold me doang, blame me lazy, "you have this, you have to like that", "last year and then, worried that education goes, all day hovering pit ham facebook ... employment, education and neglect, rolls solve problems! ... "And then sometimes turned to decry" the shorter legs, the face, the bad, learn the ignorant, ... "No wonder ever compliment is a decent question or maybe it was commended Đểu .U, I love a difficult person J

It is a talk not know that much, or was shy before girls, and I fed from the first date, the next I was almost always after her appointment, so that from then to now nearly 1 year ^^

One who does not know quarrel, when something is ancient news on stasis to say though its not true, in contrast to what I always argue should be the winner, despite its right or wrong, regardless of who his argument is that every time ai.The 2 kids arguing I gradually weakened, and eventually sat.

It's pretty ... old people, outside it may seem easygoing, fun but actually it is extremely difficult, both day and started thinking about silver. In contrast to a day she said, the entire macro, hear the dragon too, but can not do anything, sleep all day, never even stand a drag to go running round fitness, although outside it is difficult to close, but in fact the easygoing, gentle but not difficult as the other one!

But it was giving me a sense of security when inside, so I can safely reveal his nature all!

Some people rarely say it, but just silently worry, my interest in acting. He never big words but left me feeling emotions are sincere.

A person can wait for me for hours, withstand the rainy afternoon sun originality, melody excessive momentum, a worry for me and always by my side when needed, never telling, just like some silent J

You probably can not imagine a cool kid, even looking at the handsome man with the most haughty eyes, or even looking ball but were frustrated until someone makes mad: I have to say love you otherwise protected? !!

Someone on me to learn many things, I feel small, childish, shallow. In the classroom I yelled at students - who are much older than I can, at my company BEM bem controversial boss, I Random, arrogant, never shrug nhuong.Nhung I was wrong, and he had to I see that.

A person who has suffered since inhibition love me - a boy heartless, Random, towering ego, a goofball withstand the chronic disease just waiting to medical breakthroughs to treat the new garment, and that's a pretty big impact on a child whose parents have called incurable shook his head!

So without knowing it ever since I fell in love with someone like that!

Of course I also love many other things, I love freedom, love flying, I love the faraway country always in my dreams for the future, but one whom I love equally, so if forced me to choose .... maybe I'll have both, as long as someone can wait for me!



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