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I admit I am sometimes lazy in terms of going out for errands and I, most of the time procrastinate in terms of doing things which are to be done outside of the house. I know this is not good but one of the reasons why I don't like going out is the fact that it is too hot outside specially in the day time.

One of the things that I usually have to do is to send money to my family. I am just lazy about it and thinking of going to the remittance store would be dragging for me as well. But I am thankful to for giving me the option to send money without leaving the house!

So what I usually do is that I keep the earnings from bitLanders in my wallet and whenever I have to send money, I will just use the site. There's no hassle, I just have to enter the name and details of their bank accounts or if I have to use Palawan Pera Padala, it's the same procedure but of course mobile number is included. Sending through bank doesn't even incur me any amount, it's free!

In just less than a minute, the process has been done and most of the time, sends the money in less than 24 hours. Most of the time it's just around 3-5 hours and the money is already sent!

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