Send nostalgia of peaceful berth

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Send nostalgia of peaceful berth

Send dear parents!

Hanoi windy today, I sat in the room looking out the window watching the front garden that homesickness door skin to kill the child. I want to go back in time to return to the old days when the father is the hero, the love, the mother's hug. I want to childhood when, where most of the world this is Dad's shoulders, the biggest enemy is his brother, the only thing that can cause pain to the child's knee scrapes and stuff the only crumbled toys ... that is ..


Children away from home when he was in 5th grade, I was tiny back then. For others, it was also the age of the old food with the old game, but at that time I had to learn to be independent. You have to learn to cook yourself, by yourself clothes washing blankets, children must learn to go to bed nets when and how to beat feel with silver rings. You have to learn a lot very well hand the calluses, but the way a lot of independence. For the classmates matured a lot and when someone asked: Why are you so super? Did you proud to show off to their parents that it was thanks to me that!

Dad taught me that nothing is impossible. His words have helped me to energize yourself rising in learning, overcoming all difficulties in life. Mom taught me how to cook delicious, and I'll tell you how to stitch clothes so beautifully only when there is no road beside his mother. Mother daycon way so neat bun, cute ... that time I will never forget.

Up the down town grade 8 school, the parents again far more than the distance of the home is less than 80 miles is not close to the more busy work so hard and the way dad did not get me down been. New Age thinking big with many troubles, but I can not share the same parents. Adolescence is when the human ego starts rising, you know why not blame the parents when the child interested in? Why always only money and money alone? Children learn to controversy when parents see disagreement and accidentally did the mother tears fall as she read the letter that I blame her. Heartless son always think to myself forget that for the parents is the most important. I've been studying in secondary school is the province's most prestigious enormous efforts of parents. meager wages earned as father and devoted mother to child, my parents took a dare to buy such expensive clothes but spend every market. My parents, this child accidentally parents apologize so much.

Grade 9, I have to study for tests at level 3, when he announced to the school under provincial politics. Between the hot summer weather of July, the announced return to school, behind the car that I found sadly. Released back sweaty clothes, the look that kept stinging eyes. And I promised myself I would make every effort to sweat soaked shirt it would not fall in vain. On receiving the results of his examination provincial schools is also seen at the radiant face and proud smile on his lips parents. Rejoice when I compliment her comments and that's more happiness in knowing his son has brought joy back to loving homes.

Entering a new school, wearing her school uniform of specialized high schools named Tuyen Quang, my heart is proud, but I was also scared. I'm scared I will not keep up with your school, your child will fear disappointing their parents. parents encouraged me so much, that I like to eat rice, so even back pain but she still chop the bamboo and rice, baked recipe that you love. Child eating a delicious way, she told me to go eat, I do not like to eat, I know you want to spend the child should say so. Time to rethink how you see that love her. There are times I go home, I still remember the day dad grilled corn feeding. Holding corn on hand that warm my heart to see infinity. The cold of winter can not be far from the warm dispel my heart every time to remember the memories of father, mother and about loving homes.

Grade 12, academic pressure make you more tired and sometimes want to give up. But whenever I think about the expectations that parents put on me, I even have to try. Tren the morning session, afternoon classes to go until the new dark, hungry stomach but also just enough time to eat a sandwich and then pedal to the master study, only the cold winter weather want to sleep at home, but just think of the encouragement of her parents when the family gathered around the fire as bright as you have the motivation to bike to school. Sultry summer sun, I remembered the direct sunshine when she sits down for the nap fan, it appears that the heat on the walking path is gone.

The door to the university is a desire, you have a lot of effort to once again seeing the radiant faces of the parents before the child's success. Two motorcyclists father from Tuyen Quang to Hanoi to attend the university entrance exam. The weather was sunny that day announced it as weak health, I feel very clear. You too tired but maybe it is not dwarfed by the fatigue of the anxious father and mother. I tried again and then successfully smiled at me.

On receiving notice of parking at the academy financial overjoyed to cry. And I know my parents too, I did not do thatvong parents ... I've done it.

I now have is a third year student, student life fun dad, Mom, I know a lot of you are gathered and hang around the streets of Hanoi, the afternoon was not sleeping mother's scolding lazy girl. As a student, so I more aggressive in the volunteering movement, I found myself also much larger, and more mature thinking. But children are still little baby's only parent, I still want to hear the scolding mother, father still loves to eat grilled corn. My parents really crave a meal the house, were gathered together to talk ... I remember my parents many parents. I'll try to firmly step on the path that I have to go.

Nothing is impossible! Do not give others the right to hurt her, I will remember those words Dad. My parents promised me peace is okay!

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