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I live in the middle of his youth. Age that people often told that there is significant elated, but the old one can burn out love and to love, to desire, sometimes for things obscure and distant.

People can now laugh out loud and then cried at that moment as well.

Youth, ages people started picking up every bit of longing to build up the dreams of his own ambition. When not only encapsulates all of the diary pages, is a tight fist, the voice shouted: "Come on!" Is the driving force can not call a name!

Youth, rushed into the lush life with enthusiasm. Brimming with ideas, desires and dreams. Try to do everything, to cope with failure, satisfied with success.

Youth, we have the pleasure seemed endless. I am glad my best with happiness, sadness quickly forget aimlessly. I feel that life has many beautiful things await discovery.

Youth. I have so many things to make, want to know how to do, how challenging would like to go through life feeling or simply want to challenge myself.

Time passed like arrows flying, no one ever waited. I usually take some time to feel regret for what he had done, but it may take a lifetime to regret the things that we do not dare to do.

Thus, it is possible though started late but take what you like, live the way you want and ask when they can.

Youth slow motion as the touch of a beautiful past of our life that is "The youth".

Youth are equipped to record entries best time we ever experienced and then every time we back nostalgic memories of distant youth filled with sap.

Youth is the wind carrying those years fondly, bringing desires, joys, sorrows, bring those beloved was away for a while.

Youth popcorn package is stored in the desk drawer, box box is next to the pair of thieves hiding, is the hand-written letter in the years of youthful dreams, in the bright, foolish

Youth is beloved and will melt into air.

Youth was pouring rain. Although colds still want to go back to loving her again.

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