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As you know about Pakistani mobile  networks, which are Mobilink, Telenor, Warid Telecom, Ufone and Zong. is introducing a Online service from which you can messages (SMS) on all Pakistani mobile numbers and also your receiver can send reply of your message, this reply will be shown in the inbox of SMSBhej's online portal.
please note the method of sending reply to the smsbhej user.
Send a message from any mobile number
TO: 03314233541
with this format:
<SB><space><reciever's username><space><your message>
Specially this service is too much usefull for whome who are living abroad, such our many Pakistani are living in USA, UK, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, KSA and in other Middle East area. Now they can get benifit from this secure SMS Portal.
also due to this secure login portal no one can disturb any one by sending spam messages.
because for each registration you have to put your mobile number? and you will get a password via on your mobile number, your account can be used sending and receiving SMS after loggin in SMSBhej's secure SMS portal. If you are getting any issue then you can get support from this email
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