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A day in the life of a 92 - year-old father
We want to live long, but I only younger. We like age. Old age is inevitable. We must accept our cycle of life , as God provided : birth, childhood, youth , maturity , old age and death. In the seven ages of man , William Shakespeare rightly considered age as a second childhood. What are the expectations and desires of the elderly ? Older parents and grandparents live a solitary life , expected interaction with children and grandchildren , who are dedicated to their business . The solution is a guarantee for the older generation , so that they feel loved in the family and in society.

The other big challenge for nursing homes is the issue of quality of life. Where a person is required , leave everything familiar environment and in a strange place where they do not know that someone was bound to be problems immediately . In addition , care impersonal of these sites to obtain and often lack the frequency of the visits of the family , and has , as in the case where the parents are still potential for a much lower quality life at home only .

In fact , you can not take care of the elderly in the United States , compared to developing countries . Institutional care is rare in Asia , Africa and Latin America and extended families often choose older people to take . ( 37.9 years) , Malawi (41 years) and Zimbabwe, as compared to 77.9 in America : In addition , life expectancy is much lower in many of these countries. China, one of the fastest growing economies , however , links much care for elderly relatives . Acute care is limited in the short term. However, more than just care centers exist in various regions of China. Japan has a rapidly growing population of elderly and care among family , medical facilities and community centers division . It was surprising to know that some researchers that more than a quarter of Japanese elderly , quality of care , however , consider a very serious problem . This is a surprise because Japanese elders thought very much respect and consideration due to age .

A common scenario is the loss of a spouse after decades of living together. Understandably , a period of deep depression , and there is no right or wrong answer on what to do , because many times the situation is very fluid , and changes can be unpredictable.

It is the responsibility of finding the right type of care for an elderly parent resting on his shoulders ? If so , it might seem to be a difficult task. You must work through horror stories about nursing home care , many types of facilities available and cost. If you work , and has to think of his family , which may not be enough hours in the day to decide on suitable care options . Each device must consider research to determine if their parents receive the best care and being the happiest challenged . Even then, you are bound to have some doubts. Learn what to look for to simplify the situation for you .

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