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Sometimes the separation of a couple is painful and so hard.
Oh no! It’s not sometimes, but always. The hardest thing to endure is pain.
But for others, separation is the way to feel better; this is the way for them to be happy.

How about you? Why did you separate?
Is it because you don’t love him/her anymore or maybe you love someone else?
Or you really need to stay away from him/her?
They said, it’s not only the people who are changing, comprise their feelings.
You cannot dictate hearts, they say. If you don’t love him/her anymore, don’t let them hope for nothing.
You’re just going to hurt them. But then, what would you feel if you will separate from the person that loved you most but you don’t feel the same.
Isn't it’s like you’re carrying tons of blocks and you feels conscience, but it would be make you happy, and for sure, you’ll use to it.

How if he/she’s the one who wants the separation?
Of course you have many questions to yourself if what did you done wrong and he/she will leave you that way?
We have our own reasons but there are some reasons that non sense, accept it or not.
You people know what I am trying to say, right? I don’t know why they need to lie if why they want a separation.

All we need to do is to MOVE ON.
Yes I know, it’s hard in the beginning but time will come that you will accept the fact that you can live with that person in your life.
Love yourself more before others.

Have a safe evening all! God bless us.


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