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The circumstances are also accompanied by another stigma the fundamentalism ,the strict adherence to the basic tenets of a particular belief or philosophy ,has assumed religious form in our country.In the days of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan it underwent mushroom growth.High intolerance of other's views made fundamentalists use extremists as an instrument to enforce their thought often by brutal force .

It reached culmination when the Soviet Union was disintegrated and subsequently Kabul fell to Taliban.In post 9/11 world scenario their guns changed the direction towards Pakistan as the later sided with the US in the war on terror.Taliban under TTP banner unleashed the reign of terror in Pakistan by nasty spate of suicide bombings and ambushes against both civilian and military.Their audacity also encouraged many radical elements and earned their sympathies both overtly and covertly.

Pakistan army had to launched Rah -e - Rast to counter and chastise these elements ; apart from this brazen assassination of the then Governor Punjab Salman Tasir, by his own security guard,also raised fears among poor and elite simultaneously as those supposed to secure the lives became blood thirsty .Apart from national level these hard core elements caused problems for Pakistan in the region as well particularly after Mumbai mayhem of 2008 India alleged Jamat-ut-Dawa , a successor organization of Lashkae-e- Tayyeba and the world supported India.

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