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On internal level Pakistan must realize that national security lies in human security and hence should address the socio – economic issues like hunger ,malnutrition , ignorance , poverty ,diseases and education.It should improve its governance mechanism to manage and ultimately solve the problems.Our leadership should understand that national security lies in strengthening of human resource and social capital.

Focus is also required on healthcare , housing agriculture and population sectords by allocating proper funding as per strength of national exchequer.These are the only means to fight the multi-front war against fundamentalism , ethno –nationalism and regional rivals.Estrangea segments like Balouchistan should be brought back to streamline by means of political dialogue and socio- economic development not to forget institutional harmony by following the constitutions in letter and spirit.

To cut the long story short Pakistan is at critical juncture entangled with various problems worth affecting its state and nation.These challenges of massive scale are mostly related with national security economy , regional geo-politics , internal socio – political dynamics and multi – pronged strategic difficulties .Through such a complex web of problems ,far reaching in its possible impact also offers opportunities to address the same .

Pragmatic approach coupled with rational decision making leads to the light at the end of the tunnel.Redefining external engegment and rearranging internal frame work will go a long way in the solution of such intricacies.Our thick clouds of complexities have shining silver lining and that is pragmatic reassessment of present on the basis of past to build a secure further.

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