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Google Home, the latest digital Google employee, is part of a wider market experiment search in voice-only. While the hardware is new, Google has build towards this future for a while, and one of the clearest examples is the introduction of featured snippets questions, looking for answers. For example, if I ask Google: "What is a moon shot in business?" I get this answer ...

In desktop search, Google also gives a range of traditional organic results, and, in some cases, ads, news results, Knowledge panels, and other functions. Recommended tracks are not designed for desktop, though - they are designed for devices that only space for a small number of results (eg mobile phones) or even show a single result.

Google Home is looking for a single result set, and featured clips are designed for exactly this purpose. The good news is that if we can optimize for recommended clips, we can optimize for voice. Below are six examples that explore how featured snippets are answers to Google Home.

"How many people have walked on the moon?"

Here is a question that should have an actual answer, but for some reason, that answer is not available in Google Knowledge Graph. So, the answer is extracted from Wikipedia and presented as a featured track. It is interesting to note that the answer (twelve) is pulled out of the section and presented on its own ...

How does this two-part answer "appear" on the Google homepage? Let's find out ...

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