Seven Steps of Sales

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There are seven steps of sale



1. Meet with Prospect

The first step of sale is to meet with new prospect. you must introduce yourself not your product. First you have to make relation with your prospect so that he can give you time to hear the introduction of your product.


2. Building Rapport

The second step of sale is to build rapport with the new prospect. you have to make close relation with your prospect. More you close contact with your prospect more you close to your sale.

3. Identify need of prospect

you have to identify the need of your prospect you have to introduce your product according to need of prospect. the prospect will buy according to his need not according to your will.

4. Presentation

Now its time to present your product and services because you know the need of your prospect and you are closer to your sales.


5. Answering objection

If your prospect is giving objection on you product don't worry. Objection  mean that your prospect is will to purchase your product if you handle the objection of your prospect.

6. Close Sales

Most of person do not give attention to this step. This step is very important in whole process. This is the time when you are taking result of your whole effort. Do not delay your sale.Close your sale as soon as possible.

7. Getting more Refferal

After closing successful sale you have to get new refferrels to increase your sale.




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