Sex is Not Religious Sacrament

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Don't get it how rape is somehow wiped away as crime or moral offense by any union between the victim and rapist. Worse, if there is any form of coercion to compel the girl/woman to agree to such marriage (as there apparently had been in case of Moroccan girl who ultimately committed suicide.) Similarly, whatever one's view on sex outside of marriage, it is not the intercourse that is somehow to be dealt with as holy, regardless of other considerations. Fathers, brothers and family who perceive a stain on family honor if a daughter has sex outside of marriage are equally responsible for bestowing upon sex the position of sacrament while ignoring perhaps the most important commandment to "Love Thy Brother (& Sister)."

Sex is the subject of theological considerations, but in the context of a more profound set of functional, ethical and moral issues.Those who seek to raise it beyond guidance to sacrament open door for such more wicked behavior as honor killings, forced marriage to rapists, female genital mutilation, and efforts by perverted men to gain a voyeur's satisfaction in exercising control over women's bodies. See Video for Blog on "Female Circumcision" -  Sex is not advocated as a ritual to be performed in church or mosque - Recall couple that was prosecuted for engaging in sex at St. Patrick's Cathedral a few years earlier. If God be invoked in efforts to control a woman's body, then they will reap tragedy on this Earth and the Supreme's wrath on the next. If you want to control a woman's body (or are just afraid in dealing with it), do not attribute your desires/insecurity/issues to sacrament or God!  


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