Sex toys during the run - Initially, and the controversy raged

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(TNO) Sex toy available in many parts of the world, as part visible to the natural needs of man. There are many different views on commodities are sensitive to this: both scientific and legal. Is it harmful items only, for those who have physical and mental deviance?

Initially, and the controversy raged

Ever since?

Unexpectedly, the precursor of the sex toy is a chiseled stones are smooth penis shape was found in a cave in Germany. To date, this stone is considered as the oldest representation of sex toys in the world.

According to the BBC, 20 cm long stone, 3 cm wide and approximately 28,000 years old, were discovered in the cave Hohle Fels buried in the famous Swabian Jura Mountains, southern Germany. Phallic stone is now kept at the University of Tübingen (Germany).

"Tools" are prehistoric archaeologists reconstructed from 14 fragments of stone. The size of the stones as they really showed it was likely in the Ice Age used as a tool to support the sexual activity, according to the researchers.

"In addition to its role as a symbol of the male genitals, it has also been used for ignition," Professor Nicholas Conard of the University of Tübingen explained.

"On the rocks, where there are a number of scratches typical for this feature," said Conard.

The researchers suggest that the special shape of the stone and the engraved circle at one end of it to show exactly which parts of the body it represents.

"It is polished smooth, so it is easy to recognize the features of it," said Professor Conard.
The team from the University of Tübingen have found 13 fragments of sex toys prehistoric and have until the 14th piece was discovered in 2004, the scientists were able to reproduce the shape intact of this tool.

According to the BBC, the fragments of stone above objects are found beneath the dust Hohle Fels cave long, which is one of the most famous landscapes in Central Europe. Hohle Fels is located above sea level is 500 m and contains thousands of artifacts in the Upper Paleolithic.

This is a rare discovery because few specimens brought male sexuality in this period, which is the time that the works of art inspired by women is quite common, according to Dr. Conard.

"These artifacts represent the genitals of female characteristics, it is found in many places, but represents the male is extremely rare," he said.

Recognition and prohibitions

Some governments around the world see as a sex toy device obscene corrupt human moral values​​. Although some countries have banned the sale of sex toys, but demand has not decreased and we are still on sale everywhere. Some states also prohibit sex toy, but then had to remove the ban.

According to the Times of India (India), sex toys, tools support pleasures, is banned in this country. Even under 292 of the Indian Penal Code, sex toy can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years in prison.

Indian authorities believe that selling things like sex toys affect a user's ethics and human damage. However, Indian laws do not punish people who use sex toys.

Although India has banned the sale of sex toys over the past century, but the stores in the major cities in this country still legal risk, quietly selling sex toys because demand is too high and there is a market populous country full of fat.

The Times of India (India) said police had conducted several raids and seized sex toys illegal, but still failed to prevent stores sell prohibited goods.

Not sold in stores only, those who have needs in India can still order a sex toy through e-commerce sites.

Since we can not prevent accidents purchase sex toys online, Indian authorities have edited that 67 of the Information Technology Act of this country (introduced in 2000), which banned the sale of sex toys on the network.

But according to a study on sex toys of Duke University (USA) in 2009, the website selling sex toys in India continued legal risk by selling "adult products", active secret and more sophisticated, the number of orders decreased and not increased.

In Africa, South Africa used to ban the production and sale items "used to carry out acts of unnatural sex". This Act is to be aimed to prevent lesbian couple sharing sex toys (that can spread sexually transmitted diseases).

But then, the South African government has canceled this law in 2007 and was named one of the governments in Africa "most open" of the law relating to sex, according to the website of the African thisisafrica .me.

More freedom, sex toys became popular and are sold in many stores in the United States. These sex toys are often exhibited in the zone "sexual health" in stores or supermarkets or own the store only sells sex toys.

However, some state governments in the United States still ban sale of sex toys, view them as "obscene devices".

In 1999, Alabama Depending Public Prosecutor William H. Pryor, Jr. each giving a speech supposedly famous for sex toys.

"People do not have the right to buy a device that creates an orgasm," said Pryor said. And Alabama is the current state law banning sex toys the most stringent in the United States, according to the Associated Press (USA).

And a number of other states in the United States since banned sex toys but then the federal appeals court ruled to cancel the ban because the ban violates the constitutional privacy America.

According to the AP, each applicable Texas law prohibits selling sex toys and one violation shall be punished by imprisonment for 2 years. However, the Texas state government was faced with a lawsuit from the makers of sex toys in the United States.

At 2.2008, a federal appeals court was hearing the petition and ruled to cancel the prohibition of sex toys in Texas because of this law violated the American constitution. Law banning sex toys Similar removed at Kansas State and Colorado.

Dr. Americans Marty Klein, author of America's War on Sex (roughly translated wars Sexuality of America) - who defended the moral value of sex toys, has written: ban sex toys is "eroding individual liberty".


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