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I have been thinking of going to another country, as I mentioned in another blog. And over the years I've been reading about foreign people living or traveling and staying long in other countries. My plan is to travel abroad once I've established enough funds. Yes it's an excuse I know, which is a topic for another day.

Last month I did a search for groups who are expats in the country I plan to visit. Discovered a social network site in Facebook which is exactly what I was looking for to learn more about expats.

Surprisingly out of my online searches regarding a competition property, I discovered this disappointing word: sexpat.

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First, let us define an expat.

I was not aware the word expat is only reserved for white supremacists. An expat social network have used it to refer to all nationalities and it does not seem to bear any negative connotation until I read this article.

It talks about how only whites (Americans or Europeans) are mostly called expats while other people are called immigrants. Well hey, I must be sitting on the wrong side of the fence for not knowing there's such a discrimination in using words to describe people living outside their own native countries.

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Basically an expatriate or expat is a foreigner living and working in a certain country other than their own, short of being a citizen. A local term for this word can be Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), but this is of someone from here in the Philippines working outside the country, as opposed to someone outside working in a certain country, which is what an expat is. Yeah yeah if I'm confusing, there's always Google to help you out. Lol.




What is a Sexpat?

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Now we come to this. If you search online or not, it's pretty easy to know what the "word" means. It's a combination of the words "sex" and "expat". It's a slang for someone who engages in sex tourism.

Okay so as I mentioned, a blog/website I discovered are of two guys (from US & UK) who are proud of being sexpats in the Philippines (and other neighboring countries). Just learning about the term disgusted me. Okay sure it's the white supremacist thinking again. They think they can just walk in an Asian country and travel to beg for survival and/or pay/promote the sexual favors they get from local women. Ugh.

Omg. They even take pictures of the girls. Most pics don't show the faces but one or two would.

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Oh no, is Makati the "New" Metro Manila Sexpat Hub?

I am not privy to sex tourism in the Philippines as much as others are. Of course I know of the red-light district which Ermita or Malate, Manila was famous for, but now I think it "discreetly" moved to Makati, our metro financial center or business district. How sad. I would not wonder if other third world countries are the same because it seems selling one's body is the easiest thing to do if you care more about your stomach than your soul. Maybe.

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This topic does not make me happy but I am writing it to shed light on something that should be... reported? I don't even know how you report this. Are they committing a crime by picking up girls and paying them? THEY EVEN BLOG ABOUT THEIR EXPLOITS! THE GALL OF THESE PEOPLE! UGH. This is definitely one of the negative side of the internet.

These guys are careful, but not as careful as they should. Hey they even got interviewed by other people because of what they blog about maybe? Being an expat in the Philippines? No I did not read the interview because I am going to hate them even more. I don't even want to read any of their blogs anymore. Some are entertaining and interesting to know but they make being a sex tourist seem like it's an okay thing to do when it's not. Yuck.

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Pinays & Foreigners: Love and Hookups

Look at this guy. Okay sure he's talking about dating Filipinas (Pinays) in the Philippines and says you the viewer be the judge if he's a sexpat or not. Well I think he's just click-baiting us. He's most definitely talking about dating more than just screwing Pinays around but maybe you can read between the lines of what he's saying.

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We here all know about the culture of looking for that foreign sugar daddy to take them out of the Philippines and so-called poverty. This is much prevalent in the provinces but I also know of women here in the Metro who also think like that. Mainly because well hey, some of them came from the provinces too. If they grew up with that kind of thinking, I don't think their mind will change wherever they go. 

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This is no different from Colombia I think, because hey it's also a third world country and so called webcammers are supposedly "whore/models" and "gold-diggers". Oh my. How did I know? Well, I found a blog about it. Tsk. This does not deter me from visiting the country soon in any way though. Lol.  

So going back to my topic, lots of blogs and dating sites are out there trying to "help" these foreign Caucasian men find the Filipina "love of their life". Or if they just wanna be a sexpat, there's plenty of blogs out there too which is shocking to discover to say the least. This is all seeing everything in a negative light but the reality is, this does happen whether we like it or not and it is disappointing when it does.

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I'm not saying being a sex tourist is all that foreigners in our country does. Not everyone are maniacs or just looking for sex but most of them are probably like that unless they are here for business. They have the money, why not buy women too right? Tsk tsk but let's not think badly  of foreign white people even if it might or might not be true.

Omg the things I discover just because I wanna be an expat soon. What the hell. Haha. Nothing is as simple as it should when you're an adult with internet access. Whew. 

Sometimes when we blur the line between love and just lust, it quickly turns into a terrible topic. So I would rather just wash the bad taste out of my mouth with this cleaner and better video about a foreigners' stay in the Philippines. 

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If you're gonna be traveling here in the Philippines, please do it for your love of travel and going places or meeting different people instead of just being a sex tourist. If you want to sleep around and brag about it when you get it for free what does that make you? A male whore or a supposed stag? Ugh. That just makes you a jerk in my book. Don't propagate this age old problem by being a prostitute patron too. It's just not a good thing to do. There are plenty of better things to do in life than sleep around with too many foreign strangers and hookers.



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