Sexual abuse; Strangers are not the huge threat

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A day before yesterday I was reading newspaper where I saw the research about child sexual abuse and child trafficking. I was totally shocked after reading that report. Child sexual abuse is not just the problem of on community or of any religion. It is spread over the barriers and they abuser see no line of control. According to researchers this heinous act is spreading in the world like a virus and in whole world five out of six children who age is less the 5 are victim of child sexual abuse.

It was stated that just in the world’s super power America one child is sexually abused in just 6 minutes and in every day more than six hundred children suffer by this evil act and every day about seven children loss their life due to sexual abuse.

 Parents always warn their children about the strangers that don’t talk to stranger or don’t trust them but they forget that real danger is not the outsider but it is in their own house. This research stated that in eight two percent cases the child was abused by someone who was close to child, like its relative or family friend which is really awful. These people first win the trust of the family and children then they use children to satisfy their lust.

Mostly children don’t report these type of incidents because they are afraid of their family or the abuser scolds them or he make them sacred that if he told anyone he will do something dangerous to him.  Mostly people don’t talk about sex or sexual abuse to their children as they think these types of talks are not good for their child, but in this era parents must talk about it to their child for its protection and tell him what is good and what is wrong and if someone do something suspicious like touching the body he should report this to their parents and parents also do not trust blindly on their friends and family and do not leave their children with them alone.


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