SFI Basics

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SFI Basics
Welcome to SFI's exclusive Affiliate "getting started" program, LaunchPad™...and congratulations again on your decision to join the Strong Future International team! We're excited to be building something great together with you!

LaunchPad will provide you with the training you need to build a profitable SFI business. When you've completed all the lessons, you'll have a great foundation to build your business upon.  



Note: Although you're certainly free to jump ahead if you want, we do suggest you read each LaunchPad Lesson in order. We've arranged our LaunchPad lessons to take you through the many aspects of SFI in a clear, step-by-step manner–introducing basic concepts and terms and then building on those topics. In this way, you'll gain a growing understanding of all SFI has to offer you, while avoiding unnecessary confusion.

TIP: If you ever need to review a lesson, LaunchPad is just a click away from the Affiliate Center.


Okay, let's get started!



Success starts here
Every successful program has a core component.  In SFI, the core is the 15 "daily action tabs" on your Affiliate Center homepage.

Each of the 15 tabs provide vital knowledge and information–customized just for you.  Day by day, these 15 tabs will teach and guide you how to become a highly successful SFI affiliate.  But it's absolutely essential that you thoroughly read, digest, and, most importantly, consistently APPLY the information to your business.  We cannot stress this enough!  Just scanning the information will get you nowhere.  If you want to build a profitable SFI business, you MUST use and apply the knowledge you're receiving.



Valuable bonuses too!
As you go through the 15 action tabs each day, you'll also be picking up valuable bonuses!  For 12 of the action tabs, you can earn 1 VersaPoint each day.  That's approximately 360 additional profit shares for you each month–over 4,300 extra profit shares for you annually!  You can also pick up free valuable extra entries in the Daily Grand drawing to win great business-building prizes.



The most important thing
In the following LaunchPad lessons (and from other channels too), a lot of information is coming your way.  Don't worry, you'll get the hang of everything soon enough, but whatever you do, don't forget what this lesson has told you:

Review your action tabs every day
Apply what you learn
If you do nothing but these two actions, success is virtually guaranteed.  So set a goal for yourself NOW to do these two actions every day, starting today!


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