shameless political circus

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When we see the shameless political circus all around, rascal politicians and the corruption of those in power to dispense justice, then we rather walk alone then with the crowds these snakes lead. 

The silence of those who have the power to correct the wrong is more painful than the crimes of those who commit them. 

We have done our duty literally alone for the last 7 years.. InshAllah, we will march strongly even now but we have said what had to be said on TV. Now we dont feel the need. 

These rascal politicians are preparing for the elections, not knowing that there will be NO elections in the country now, IA. This present chaos will lead to anarchy, to war to cleanup ! If Pak army does not clean up the mess now, then Indian army will. This is the destiny we are warning you about. You dont want to listen, your choice. 

All of you who are still following these rascal politicians are part of this sin. Be prepared to answer for your deeds in dunya and akhira. Now Allah will be ruthless.

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