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Online earning is the thing of the current time. Because of the new technology, we can now engage in different online activities such as online selling, investment, becoming a virtual assistant, blogging, writing and other activities in order to earn a considerable amount. Along with the demand for great services, is the birth of the different Freelancing sites. We might be familiar with Fiverr, Guru, Freelancers, Upwork (Formerly Odesk and Elance) and other sites that offer job opportunities.

Freelancing Sites and other online earning sites have their own strengths and weaknesses. For some, a certain site may be the best for them while it may not be for others. We have our own preferences and we are looking for a certain place which we can call a "perfect fit".  Meaning, you are comfortable working with the site, it pays well and it helps you grow and improve in all aspects that matter. 

From this juncture, let me share with you the experience that I have with the site that I recently joined, or simply called Wordmasters.

Introduction to Wordmasters


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I discovered this site, from one of our friends here, Haruo, after he shared in one of his posts about his experience working with the site. After knowing it is a freelance writing site, it captured my interest. I did not waste any time and immediately proceeded to the site to see what it has to offer. 

Wordmasters, formerly known as Taskmaster, is a freelancing site that offers writing services to its clients and at the same time offers writing tasks to their members. In other words, the site serves as the bridge between the clients and writers. But unlike the traditional freelancing site, Wordmasters has done away with the usual process by which members have to place a bid or apply in order to get a certain job. 

The members can complete the task available without the need to place a bid. This set up brings benefit to the members by allowing them to choose which project they want to complete. 

The Start of the Journey


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I was enthusiastically welcomed by April of the team on July 28 with a message sent through my email. It was an indication that I could start my activities with the site. 

Preliminary Examinations


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There are a series of exams that a new member should take in order to be eligible to complete tasks being offered by the site. Two of which must be taken and passed before the member could grab two sample projects which are also necessary before being accepted as a regular writer. 

Admittedly, the exams are somehow difficult and I only got an average rating due to some carelessness on my part. Having successfully passed the exams, I was able to proceed to the next step which is the submission of two sample articles.  This is the final step before I could be considered a legitimate member of the site or the site referred to as a "Junior Writer". The result of the review will be the basis whether I could continue with the site or not. 

I immediately started and finished the two articles and submitted them for review. I don't have much time so I need to write and submit the articles on the same day. Now, all I need to do is wait for the results. 

Results Were Revealed


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After more than a week of waiting, I got a notification that my sample articles were approved and I am now a Junior Writer! No, they didn't send any message after the welcome email. I had to visit the site every day to check whether I passed or failed the test. 

Feedback on the accepted articles was provided by the team with an emphasis on minor corrections for future reference. This achievement was enough to inspire me to keep going. 


Image Credits: The LeaderBoard (Sharon Samson Lopez) via Facebook

My First Project

After passing the test and becoming a Junior Writer, I started my first project. I chose from the pool of available projects. There were a few projects and I saw some are still locked. After working on the project for more than a day, I submitted it on August 7 based on the deadline set by the site. 

I had to wait for almost 2 weeks before my submitted project was reviewed and approved. My project was then labeled as "For Submission" and 5 days had passed before it was accepted and the payment appeared on my account. 

It was when I noticed that I was already included in the ranking which is based on the overall earnings of each member. 


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The whole process was a struggle and exhausting. It had taken much of my time. Though at some point, this is a good experience. We need to experience how others are doing it. 

Here are additional things that I believe we need to know about the site:

The Rating System


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Wordmasters is also giving rewards to members who are doing well in the completion of their projects with coins and reputation. The coins can be used to purchase items from the shop and to pay for the courses and grabbing projects from the project pool. The rating of the projects is based in three areas, the quality, accuracy, and the duration.

The Daily Reward System


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Apart from submitting projects, a member can also get coins and reputation by referring others to the site and helping them pass the qualifying test. 

The Items Shop


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The shop has different items which a member can buy using the coins. These items can be very useful if we are serious about making money from the site. Unfortunately, we can only earn these coins with our activities from the site.  


The two basic examinations given to new members came from the eLearning section. Aside from those two, eLearning also contains different courses that a member may take in order to increase their knowledge about the site and the writing skill in general. These courses can be unlocked after reaching a certain level. The more courses a member take and passed, the more projects would be available. 

Here is another video showing the Item Shop and the eLearning Section. Watch and learn.

Video Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

On the final thought...

The site has its own way of maintaining their reputation. It may be different from what we experienced from other sites. Trying out will not only give us other options but also a good way to learn and test our limits. How can we test our capabilities if we will not try?  Trying something different may be a good way to know how much learning we should take in order to reach our full growth and potentials. Come on, give it a try. 

In case you decided to join, you may join from HERE.

Thank you for reading.

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