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Submarine internet cables are facing many dangers that may lead to damage and destroy those cables such dangers may be high-pressure depths, fishing vessels and Sharks attacks, such cables are located at a depth of a large long-distance that may reach to thousands of miles, one of the cameras that is installed on the water to monitor those cables had recorded a SHARK ATTACK on GOOGLE’s internet cables although those cables are highly secured from such threats but those threats may cause damages over the years and may needs to be changed or fixed from time to time, and those threats may cause a huge danger in these abyssal bottoms of seas and oceans.

 And here is a video showing how sharks can attack Google's submarine internet cables ||

At one of GOOGLE’s conferences last week in Boston, Dan Blusher –Production manager at GOOGLE said that submarine cables create magnetic waves under seas creating a magnetic field that attracts sharks to it because it’s so similar to the magnetic fields that fishes create, so for that GOOGLE is working in securing those cables with Insulating material called KEVLAR that is strong enough to protect those cables from the sharks attacks.


Submarine internet Cables are considered to be one of the most important and the biggest internet providers among countries, so GOOGLE is working now on three submarine internet cables that connects US west coast with Asia through the Pacific.  


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