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She is Yolanda is grandmother, she has white hair, brown skin, brown eyes, her height 1.65 cm, is sincere, cheerful, dreamy and after all she loves her grandchildren.

In her daily life she  likes to live with her neighbors, family, she likes to keep on moving like going to  the market to buy the ingredients for the meal time and her favorite activity is to cook.

At the time of cooking it has the virtues of dedication and love and is there where you can feel its power, since people who eat your meal can feel happy, blessed and calm.

Lilian was able to realize long ago on a day that was to visit her, that day Lilian was sad because it took his dog to the vet and told him that she was very sick and that he would perhaps die, as it was near the home of her grandmother Yolanda took the opportunity to visit and when it arrived I realized that it was the hour in which the grandmother began to prepare all the foodthen Lilian sat on the table and could not stop thinking about his dog, grandma made chicken to the Queen.
Lilian suddenly could not help but feel happy, her little cousin began to eat so fast that some of your food fell on the floor and was sad to see his food on the floor.

The smell of this was so delicious that the tired and weak dog could arise to take the piece of meat, Lilian rose from their place happy and felt impressed about that and ran to hug the dog, When Yolanda saw this, she was feeling accomplished because her magic food had effect and Lilian could see that and thanks to that  small miracle she could discover the power of her grandmother.

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