She Is Thankful To Me- True Story

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We met on face book 2 years back. Her name was Ankita Jain. She was in class 12.She was a nice beautiful girl and intelligent in her studies. She met people on face book and accept all. One fine day she accepted a request of a person who is staying near to his society and she was not knowing . A boy who was 19 years old and she is just 16 years old. They started exchanging messages and she sent photo of her cousin to him. He believed that it is she and he fall in love with her. She is daughter of a big business man and only daughter of the family. That guy knew this and he started increasing relationship with her.She has also fallen in love gradually because on face book you can not judge how a person is and what bad habits he has.
He has a bad habit of visiting hukka bar daily and taking nicotine. Ankita was close to me she explained me all her love story and I have asked her or forced her to stay away because a person who is visiting Hukka bar has a life remain only 50% because his lungs may damage very quickly and he was not ready to leave his bad habit. Finally I have convinced that girl and she focused more on study . Today when we met after 2 years of this matter she is bit thankful to me and saying that. This new life is just because of me. I said I have not done any great thing here at the same time a message from this story is - Think about face book love 100 times before you fall in to....


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