She Played Dead To Rescue The Starving and Fearful Stray

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Losing a beloved animal is every pet owner's worst nightmare. This is why people keep their cats indoors behind gates, dogs on leashes, and birds in cages. If they ran away, how would they survive on their own in the wilderness?

Luckily, lovely people exist to find these lost creatures and bring them back to their humans. These people are ready, willing, and able to take these lost pets into their loving arms and return them home. Amanda Guarascio of Washington is one such animal rescuer. She recently went out of her way for a dog desperately in need of some TLC, saving his life in the process.

The dog --- named Baby Bear by Amanda --- appeared in Evans Creek, Washington, several months back.

Since locals discovered the pooch a few months ago, they've been tossing him food. Still, this is no way for an adorable dog to live!

Amanda found Baby Bear in the wild. He was so shy that she needed to fake being injured in ordered for him to get close.

Amanda and her girlfriend, Dylan, run a site called Lost & Found Pets WA State. They try to get as many pets back with their owners as possible. When they discovered that Baby Bear wouldn't even budge at the sight of food, Amanda tried a new tactic to get his attention.

He did cautiously approach her, but that still wasn't enough. Amanda attempted to get Baby Bear to come closer to her, but the tired dog didn't want to move.

She spent hours pretending to be sick, slowly inching her way to Baby Bear. Eventually, the dog curled up next to Amanda to keep warm. When Amanda and Dylan returned hours later, they found Baby Bear in the same spot. Amanda spent hours petting and loving Baby Bear. When he finally calmed down, she carried him to the truck and brought him to the vet.

Baby Bear was in bad shape. He weighed only 57 pounds, and had skin and ear infections.

He is doing much better now. Amanda and Dylan believe that, because of Baby Bear's kind demeanor, he was simply lost somewhere by accident and never recovered.

Amanda and Baby Bear are now good friends.

The precious pup is well on his way to recovery.

 Amanda and Dylan are still trying to find Baby Bear's original owners and reunite them with their dog. If they can't locate his humans, then a local rescue organization volunteered to take Baby Bear. Regardless of his future outcome, he still gets to play with his new friends. He will always have a warm home and plenty of food from now on.

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