Sheesha Noshi as Artificial Disaster !!

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As the modren world is going towards devlopment we are facing different kind of problems which occurs in our society to destroy our culture.As i observe the human behavior in my daily life ,i found many cruelities in our society which are just like the black spots on the face of our culture.One of them is "Sheesha Noshi".The most popular activity in a younger generation which became passion as the time passes. if we go in the background of "Sheesha" it was not more than a cultural activity.we say it was the cheaper and most available thing for the villagers named as "Hookah"(At that time mostly cigarette brands were not availalbe in small places)but now " Hookah" is replaced with a modern word "sheesha" which is also available in different flavours.

Today  "Sheesha Noshi" is getting popular in Pakistan.As par researches it is proved that sheesha is Five times More dangerous comparatively to any other durg.By the prove of medical science different flavours of "sheesha" are  really harmful for stomach and it also causes severe throat infection,flu,meningitis,hepatitis..

In pakistan "Sheesha Noshi" become a trade of fashion.Our new generation getting addicted to it in term of fashion & the shameful thing is that females are also Using this Harmful drug.We can see many cafes offering "Sheesha Noshi" in posh areas.

As the youth is like an asset of any country it is the great responsibilty of our elders (including family memebers & teachers) to create an awareness in our youth about "sheehsa noshi" as a drug and they should  produce more knowledge about our culture in islamic manner.They should try to clear the difference of good & bad in their minds.this will help us to make a healthy enviornment with strong future of our country indeed.



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