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To be in one of the most fascinating places on the earth, one must visit the natural beauty of Shillong. The place of Shillong can be reached within the state of Meghalaya. The closest air route will be from the landmark of Kolkata to the Umroi Airport landing in the levels of being endeavored. There are bus services available from the airport which reaches to a land of the destination. To be very frank, it can be also reached from the Airport of Guwahati. The helicopter services may be available from the land of the availability of the Guwahati Airport. There are no rail lines stretching out till the state of Meghalaya and thus the nearest railway station of Guwahati being 104Km. The National Highway 40 is connecting to the routes of the Shillong. Located in the north eastern part of India, the land of Shillong is launched with the presence of several beautiful hills. The Khasi Hills come out to be the most outstanding in the nature. It is a big rock full of Red Granite being the levels. The Jainta Hills is also a good range to be visited in the levels of the main beauty. The Gara Hills view point is another fascinating point from the views of the top. The development of sports is done with the basics reaching out for the leveled best. The eco destination of the Shillong t0own is really good in all aspects and the views are really outstanding. The city of Shillong is duly entertained with many destinations of cuisine along with the nightlife. The presences of eco parks are also very good in all natures. The levels of the best filling motions are also good. There is a complete developed area of shopping for the tourists.

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