Shine: Production Begins

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As I mentioned in my last blog, I was just finishing off storyboarding for the film. Now that storyboarding is complete, I have jumped straight into the actual animating.

Thanks to all of my previous animation tests, the animating has so far gone smoothly. Every now and then I will encounter a problem, but I enjoy problem solving and overcoming obstacles. This is a very important aspect, not just of animation, but of filmmaking in general. Filmmaking at its essence is problem solving. You are always going to encounter situations where you may not know what to do, so being able to find a solution to your problems is probably the most important skill a filmmaker can have.


Problem Solving - Sticking masking tape to my computer screen... not the most aesthetic solution but it solved the problem I was having! 

So Far I have animated 1/3 of the film and things are looking good. The beauty of animation is that if I feel a shot doesn't work, I always have the ability to change it very easily. The downside to animation is that it takes a long time!


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