Shine: Production Continues

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Just a quick update this week. Things have been progressing very well with the animation of Shine and I am about to begin animation on the final section of the film! Exciting times!


My plan is to complete the first draft of animations within the next few weeks and then I have scheduled myself one week to go back and make any necessary amendments. I have been placing my completed animated shots in a timeline as I have been going so I am able to see if the shots work together and the film flows nicely. When you are working a long time on each individual shot, it becomes easy to forget the bigger picture. By editing the film as I go, it gives me the opportunity to see the film as a whole and see what works and what doesn't work. It is very important in filmmaking to always make sure you are envisioning the finished film and not just the individual shots. 

Over the past few weeks I have been really busy animating this film, whilst resisting the temptation to enjoy the rare glimpses of sunshine we have been getting in England (I sometimes wish I chose to make an animation in the cold winter months!). For this reason I have stopped writing my Film Friday blogs until I have completed my film and have more time to write them again. 

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