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I have been busy teaching a film course for children for the last few weeks, so I have not been able to put as much time into my film Shine as I would have liked. However, this will be my final week of teaching and I will be able to devote a lot more of my time to the films production. 

As mentioned in my last blog, my first draft edit is complete and I have even had the opportunity to show it to a few friends. It is incredibly important to get feedback for your films. Not only will people be able to point out possible mistakes you have made, but they can also help by giving you ideas to make your film better. Also, when you have been working on one thing for so long, it is very easy to become blind to your film. You have been watching and editing every tiny detail of your film for hours on end, so getting a fresh pair of eyes to view your film is always a nice and refreshing experience.

My current plan is to spend one more week adding in extra details and making any changes according to my recent feedback. I will then be sending an early edit out to potential music composers and sound designers to see if I they will be willing to help!

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