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Here is my first Teaser clip for my latest film 'Shine'

This technically is the first animation I have shown anyone so things aren't completely polished but you get a good idea of the style and the atmosphere of the film. 

The animation was created entirely in After Effects using imports from Photoshop. This is a very basic style of animation but it seems to work well for the style I wish to achieve. I am currently still learning more and more different techniques which I hope to implement later to give the film some added atmosphere. As a filmmaker, it is always important to continue to improve your skills and learn as much as you can. I am always aiming for my next film to be the best film I have ever made.

Thanks to the revenue I have made from Film Annex, I have been able to invest a lot of my time into learning how to animate and make this film, which I previously would not have been able to do! My film ideas tend to be based in fantasy worlds and I feel that by learning and using animation,  it will really allow me to make the films I have always wanted to make without any limitations. I am extremely grateful for Film Annex in giving me such a great and unique opportunity!

If you wish to follow the full production of Shine, subscribe to my WebTV! I will be posting weekly behind the scenes production blogs giving you an insight into how I go about making a film and also sharing any new tips or tricks I have learnt.


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