Shine: TestTestTest - Production Update 1

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As the title may indicate, I have been busy doing some tests for my next film - Shine (working title). I have always wanted to create an animated short film so this will be my first attempt at doing so. Seeing as I have very little knowledge of animation or animation programs, I am currently experimenting with the use of shadow puppetry combined with a little work on Adobe After Effects.

So far I have looked into using different lights and materials to see which ones create the best look for the film. Below is a very rough composite of a few different materials and lights being used so you can have a sneak peak as to where the style of the film is going. 

I am still in the process of developing the story with the help of fellow filmannex'er Tim Orchard (check out his work here - ). I wont share too many story details during these production blogs as I would like the story to remain 'fresh' for all the viewers.

During the production of this film I will be posting behind the scenes blogs, photos and maybe some videos so you can follow my journey of making a short film.

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