Shine: The Ball is Rolling!

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After a long stint of writer's block, demotivation in my idea and battles with whether I want to continue this film's production, I have finally reached a breakthrough. With this breakthrough comes a slight improved twist on the story and a fresh dose of excitement and motivation to complete this film (whilst of course enjoying the process)!

Teaser for 'Shine'

In the last few weeks, I had really struggled to be 100% happy with the story I was creating. After a few 'bouncing around ideas sessions' with Tim Orchard, I have completed a script I am happy with and now the ball is finally rolling! I believe a filmmaker should spend most of his/her time on writing and developing their idea. Filmmaking is storytelling after all and without a good story, your film is likely to fail.

I am currently drawing storyboards for the film. It is incredibly useful to draw storyboards for your film as it gives you the opportunity to visualise the film before you have even made it (even if your drawing skills and hand writing are as bad as mine!). I also find that when I am storyboarding, I come up with more ideas to help improve the story, which is always a bonus! 

And as you can tell from the image above, I have been continually doing lots of different animation tests to make sure I can animate the ideas I come up with. 
Now that I am finally making significant progressions with 'Shine', you can expect a lot more production update blogs in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe!

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