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A drama focus on Oh Bit Na, a fifth-year housewife and ‘super mom’, who lives on normal life by assisting her plastic surgeon husband and five-year-old daughter until she comes to suffer absurd fake divorce but begins to overcome obstacles and achieves her dream and love with the help of her family members.

Character Description
Oh Bitna
Mother of Yundoo. Wife of Taesik. 1st daughter of Soonok.
She is the best wife of one man.
Her husband is a plastic surgeon doctor and because other husband family’s consumption is so lavish, she feels hard to manage household. She alone tries to save small money in her family.

One day, she is ridiculously offered disguising divorce by husband.
Kang Hajun
29 years old. Bitna’s lover. 1st son of Daepung and Taeri. Head of “Hotel J Planning Department’

He is a perfectly flawless handsome man.
Even with just white-shirt and neck-tie for his work, he looks like a model.

When he was an elementary school boy, his seat was next to Bitna and they promised to marry once they’re older.
Time passed, when they met again as grown up people , she’s already a married woman.

Jang Chari
29 years old. Daughter of Jang Jaeik. Managing director of Chungunkak.

She is elegant pretty cute girl. But, she looks cold and selfish.

Though she has a crush on Hajun, she feels that Hajun does not think about her.

Jang Jaeik
Professor as well as Novelist. Kind and warm gentleman. Recently, he organized guitar-band and enjoys playing guitar.

While he watches Soonok as a model of his novel, he feels love for Soonok.

Jung Sukok
She runs a vegetable corner at mini mart in the same village with Jaeik.

Warm and thoughtful lady. But, her destiny is not easy. She learned modern dance but it’s useless because of her first marriage.
When she’s raising the daughter of her second husband, she lost her second husband because of accident.

Kim Aesook
Former 3rd class model. Though she acts like faithful woman, she has many secrets. She enters Jaeik’s house as a nanny as well as house-steward

She starts to seduce Jaeik but it’s not easy.

Yoon Boksim
Generous but disciplined old lady. Owner of 1st class traditional restaurant .

She is proud of the food in her restaurant as she believes that her food makes people healthy.

Lee Taeri
Wedding shop owner. She looks younger than her real age. She changes cloth many times a day, even at home. With her femininity and mildness, she still can make Daepung, her husband, crushes on her.

Kang Daepung
Chairman of J Group (Hotel J, J resort, Café Jun, J Wedding shop.). He is a kind of boss. Generous, kind but sometimes strict. He loves his wife, Taeri.

Kang Kijoon
President of (Café Jun) Tall, handsome man with nice talking.

Scatterbrained, distracted and easily change decision. Diplomatic and charming. Though he is a man, he acts like a daughter to his parents.

Oh Yoonna
Bitna’s younger sister.
Smart and decisive girl. Logic and prideful girl. While she’s waiting to go to America for study, her father had an accident and her dream crushed.

Byun Taeyoung
Sister-in-law of Bitna. A friend of Yoonna. Taesik’s younger sister.

She is too prideful about herself. Though she works at Taesik’s clinic, for almost half a year, she does not come to work. She cannot control her talking. She says directly whatever appears in her mind.
She likes Kijoon and she never disappointed although Kijoon never show any interest to her.

Heo Malsook
Materialistic lady who always thinks about other people’s eye.

She always thinks how she looks as a high society lady. When she goes to hair salon, she always asks “Make me looks like a young girl, don’t make me like ahjumma. ” So, she likes long hair and jeans. To make her hips look high, she put aids in her hips. To make herself looks younger, she spends many hours in the skin clinic.

Byun Taesik
Owner of ‘Byun skin clinic’. Materialistic and indecisive man. He is easily changes decision. Though his major is skin control, he often performs plastic surgery illegally.
But, he is not so big bad man.
Sometimes, he acts small-heartedly.

Cute and lovely girl. But, after she separated from her mother, she turned into a little devil to kick out Emma Jung, who tries to marry her fat

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