Shocking facts about Google

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Shocking facts about Google
The statistics from The Richest reveal little-known secrets about the search giant, for example, remuneration for the employee, or the interesting features in Google Search.

1. The name "Google" is a spelling error. David Koller from Stanford University, Google founders Larry Page and including Sergey Brin sat together to name their search technology. Meanwhile, Sean Anderson has suggested the name "Googolplex" (10100) to refer to the large amount of data that search engines handle this. Then, everyone agreed to shorten the name to "googol", but the look has registered the domain name on the Internet, Anderson mistakenly typed "Google". It is interesting that Larry Page would love this name and just hours later, "" was registered.

Google had to pay $ 2,250 for a woman because she is photographed in sensitive situations. That was in October of this year, when Google's Street View cars to take pictures of Mary Grillo Pia when she was crouching in front of the door, revealing a part of this woman's chest. Mary sued Google and argued that he had been depressed by their male colleagues hunt for photos and teasing her. Google countered that the position taken here is public position, but still a fine judgment is given.

The first storage system Google coated with lego blocks and only 40 GB capacity. That is, it's not an iPod by now. However, at that time, it was possible as a super computer. The use of Lego blocks to wrap hardware is a solution to prepare for the case of adding storage. Currently this system is being exhibited at the Jen-Hsun Huang centers Engineering Center, Stanford University.

Google owns the domain names similar series with "". This is an effort to avoid its famous name was on the purported advantage. Besides, the user mistyped the name of Google is very remarkable, especially since "googel" with 5 million per month mistyped. Therefore, the search giant wants to redirect pages such access on the official website for convenience to the user. And yet, Google also owns the domain name "466453" - the equivalent of its name.

Google has launched the balloon project helps Internet access worldwide. In fact, there is about 2/3 of the global population lack access to the Internet for many reasons. Therefore, a project called "Project Loon" This is extremely significant, as each airship can help people within an area of 1,000 km around it to connect to the Internet. May 6/2013, this project has been successfully tested in New Zealand and in June this year in Brazil. This may well be regarded as a method of providing Internet service for everyone else, besides uses traditional cable.


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