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We can't judge a book by its cover but sometimes we can judge others by the quality of their shoes. Shoes have a great variety of styles, looks and brands. The people can tell alot about others by checking out their footwears . It is well said by someone:

"Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers"

They serve a practical purpose. People should pay attention to the shoes  they or others wear. According to some new researches,men tended to wear more expensive shoes than women because they want a good personality as a businessman,doctor,engineer or whatever occupation they adopt.



Women try to enhance their personality by wearing high heels in functions because high heels give an elegant look to them. Shoes are something that tell alot about each other. They are equally important for both men and women.


A variety of boots,flipflops,lace-ups,loafers,sneakers and sandals are usually worn by our youngsters. People are quite curious about what others think of them and worry about their appearences. It is said that one can judge 90% of people's personality simply by their shoes. The choice  of footwears depends upon the occasion.




. Personality counts alot in a person's life. A good personality totally changes the importance of a person in a gathering. So a man should remain curious about the choice of the shoes because it influence the personality.




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