Shoot Day 1 !

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So for my next film 'Paws' I had my first shoot day today so i'm going to explain how it went ect.

The weather put a down on the shoot as it was all EXT so unfortunately it made the shoot a lot more hectic than normal. Few differences within the crew but nothing that wasn't resolvable.

Now forget the negatives we got a lot of coverage and a fair amount of good shots and decent sound so i can work on what needs to be done for the next shoot. I was also lucky enough to get a interview with the manager who was very shy to do one but changed his mind on the day so it has added a whole new level to the film to work around which is great ! We also had a great response from the workers who were all more than happy to be filmed getting the content we needed.

As expected I realized i was overly optimistic thinking i was going to get all footage on the day so we will have to pull together a second shoot date which the manager was more than happy about, as we have built a strong bond with the location and people who work there.

Overall as many shoots have we had a few problems, a lot of stress but a good time in the end

I'm looking forward to shoot day 2 !! 

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