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How many of you are addicted to shopping ?

First let me tell you that what is shopaholic ''Shopaholic  means that a person cannot stop doing shopping, shopping become his obsession, or a person who is doing shopping all the time without any reason ''.

 Now there are two kinds of shopaholic one of them are the people who are psychologicaly disturbed. The problem which arises due to this is ''Debt''. Such kind of people get really high and feel good after buying new things but they get really sad when they get debt. Specially when they can't even afford it. This situation is very bad and miserable.A person who is psychologicaly disturbed usually be sad and depressed. That person does not feel like doing anything , then he head for the mall or makets wherever, for shopping. In this way he changes his mood, ignores and forget is depresssion and do as much shopping as he could. So he feels better. But unfortunatly he can't run from his stress and tensions forever. And this is also not possible that all the time he is into shopping. This can also be seprated like :



1. Due to psycholigical disorders

2. Due to stress and depression

Psychological disorders

In this case, a person does not know that he is buying or doing shopping for no reason . He does not know that whatever he is buying is useless or he already have it. All he feel like is '' thet he has to do shopping no matter what''. There is no such soloution for this kind of people.


The people who do shopping just to run away from their thoughts and stress which is contineously effecting their mood and just to feel better .Solution of such kind of people is possible. They should be doing some work all the time and stay with the people they like. Who can make them laugh and happy . Then their attention will divert and they will spend their time in activites other then shopping .

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