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I have been in this site for around a year now and I have to say I enjoyed using this site. I decided once to leave the site, but the site is somewhat addictive and I'm back on this site  again for another round of year I suppose. This site is convenient site to share some ideas to new friends around the world. I also monetize my short post in this site. Facebook is not even close to the purpose of this site. Bitlanders share some of the site revenue to all of the users. This is probably one of the reasons why there are lots of people joining the site lately. I myself is one of the beneficiaries of the site. I'm happy that I'm a part of this site myself. I'm not that good in blogging but I'm still learning a lot of things on this site. The experience is somewhat I'm looking for on this site. I hope that in the coming days. I can post more quality blogs that is helpful to all my readers.  I want to thank all the people who liked my posts and I wish I gain more friends in the future. Thank you bitlanders!

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Jose Godofredo Tuliao is the man behind the metal bands like Severe Metastasis, Soulcrusher, StormTroopers, Haemangioma and Andromeda Blood. Jose is the owner of the underground metal label BeyondtheGrave Records( ).For some news, please visit for any band related news and articles. I make this Bitlanders account to connect…

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