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Have the same narrow alley, two houses share a wall. Two children were so friendly from childhood, we shared the classroom, the desk , out and back home with same path. Play games, laugh and cry together, both of us also got a shower of brush several times because of so giddy , not do the homework . Together , we went through childhood memories and grown up  ... Welcome Drink, posed for photos ...

At last, when you was a groom , I was only a invited guests. From this, two children will no longer for sharing anything, now you are a man of one’s own...

2.The elderly love

Dark night. Owl is hooting somewhere from the tree outside. He was unwell on those days. She dimly find a pole and push vaguely to the tree. Owl flapping wings. A dust fall into her eyes ... He said softly: "It hoots then  it goes, you chase it for what ,  how hard is your eye ?". A bit pain by the dust particle  but softly smile, she replied: "I’m well ,I only worry What happens  if you leaves me ?".

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