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I came back again today, nikita. In the corner of my room, I was viewing the clock on the wall. slowly I turn the little needles against his destiny to manythousands of hours ago, and made me feel more bitter Antiquity: white-blue.Whether you still remember me or not, whether you were a membenciku or not,only whether it and either can I ask at this time. I do not understand myself,nikita. So far I go, up to now I hang my HIGH SCHOOL uniform, still can't I kill you from this stupid heart. I still feel your smile in my fancy.


I'm still the same as in the past, admire you from a distance. I remember, I neverdare to invite you talk, I'm always pretending to not understand the physicslesson is explained by Mr. suryo, and begins to ask you. I remember, when Ireveal the contents of my heart and you never again there before me. I remember, you smile with that green kebaya as separation of the school. I remember everything, nikita. Even the taste of it, love fool who walks with one foot, still alive in my heart though the middle of the wilderness are dying. I can'tremove you, nikita!


The longer I tried to Dodge, you're even more real in my eyes. I finally let gowith this hospital, I had resigned myself to tears, I'm resigned to the situation.There is no way to admire you, besides continuing to pray for you from a distance.

"thou shalt not hide from her happy smile and incertitude, the Lord" that's whatI'm praying for you always, nikita. I hope all my prayers can amuse you whenyour tears are worth it gushing.


clockwork it keeps spinning and took me on a story more, nikita.

Then, all I say is you. You're just silent. you never again want to see me. Even when accidentally I see your smile, you'll be instantly hides all expression.

"I'm sorry because I love you" I said through facebook messages

"if my feelings hurt your life, sorry I had to get you"

"you're hurting my life? What were you unconscious? I even saw you sick! "

"I indeed sickening, then that excuse because everything"

"you people are weird! Told you, nothing needs to be forgiven "

"I'm sorry"

I'm sorry, the last time that I said to you. After that, never again no wordsbetween us.


The more solute I in my love. I'm starting to forget the taste, including love. Iforget how happy love, love I remembered was painful. I forgot how beautifulyour smile, I remembered a smile you brought me the wound.

Sick, sadhappy, or anything. I've been unable to distinguish it more now, nikita.I even could no longer feel my heart. I'm empty. I can only be happy every I felt the painful or pleasing.

This time from a small corner of my bedroom, I breathe back in reality. I've seenlonger wall clock it, spinning slowly as appropriate. I was just muttering in me.

"I'm sorry because I love you, nikita"


"I learn a lot of love. Love it makes me sick, but love never want to hurt. The actual feel hurt is I own. Learn of love, because when you feel it, hurt andunhappy no difference, they make me happy. "

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