Should I worry/ mad if my Boyfriend stares at other girls when we're together?

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"My boyfriend looks at other woman all the time and i hate it especially when him and the other woman smile at each other..its such a horrible feeling..but i think.ill get you back by looking at other men smiling at them but when i do this he dosnt see it:(!!!i do get jealous weve all been there iam sure...i think its horrible and disrespectful..but sometimes woman can be just as bad as men..."

I know women really complains a lot in a situation like this. I have been in this kind of scenarios many times, and my boyfriend receives a lot of hand strikes from me with an eye of disapproval. For them, it might look really normal, but for us girls, it's such an odd and insensitive act that will lead to unending and repeatable fight which goes included to the list that we will be able to turn to every time we had arguments that will goes against them. This kind of act guys are not cute and it does turn us off. 


  Again, it would create arguments.. 


and endless arguments...

We use to think girls that, when our partner tends to look at other girls for a moment, we would be able to conclude that there is something wrong or lacks in us that he may have found to some women, right? But basically, we get angry because we are jealous. We are jealous because we are afraid of losing them by other women who would goes along with his kind of interest. 

I used to think always like that, but my guy friends would always tell me that, for them that is pretty NORMAL. Well, for me, its not, so I have confronted him regarding the matter and he just answered me simply that everything about that was NOTHING! I don't know if I would be relieved or be more worried about his answer. 

But of course, I just don't want to think every time we are not together, he would still look at other girls. I would like somehow, would ease everything at the moment especially if he would do the same again. Nothing for us girls are like, everything! But luckily, thanks to 9gag, they shared a very wonderful study about guys behavior and their mentality about the matter. For girls who have encountered the same problem as mine, feel free to watch the video below.

uploaded by PragerUniversity on youtube.

This video somehow, relieves me. I have also realized that, women's mentality are really different from men. So, it is really important to know them more before making any upfront and unknowledgeable talk with them. And maybe his right telling me that what he did was perfectly nothing and extending my nose to the matter will not do me any good. But still, the act is not good and should not be tolerated. And then again, if I see him the next time ogling his eyes with other girls, i would still reprimand him for that but will not extending it for further fights and arguments. I still know that no girls shall be as good as I am, though not with his eyes, but with his heart. 

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