Should we reward our children for good conduct?

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Parents are always ready to praise their children once they bring happiness by any good act or something that is worth considering. These acts may include any behavior that is encouraged or expected by their parents. No matter how difficult it is for a parent to comply with the demands of their children, but a parent’s conscience is always there to buy anything or provide them with everything as much as their pocket book allows. Ironically, research shows that besides the positive outcomes that encourage the children to attain high marks, behave well before others or keeping up with social habits, awarding them with expensive or materialistic gifts may lead them to grow up with more deviation towards materialism.

                                                                                                                                      No one gets happier than the parents when their children attain success. These are the one who has always been a well-wisher and always will be. Every parent wants their children to flourish, no matter what. And, this undefined and immortal love has resulted with many techniques in order to encourage their little stars, so that their offspring can have a beautiful and successful life.

                                                                It has always been a trend in society to gift the infants and youngsters on their birthday. But, what if the toys, clothes and other stuff becomes so much that even it becomes more than needed and start to spoil your child? Journal of Consumer Research enclosed the fact that children with more materialistic rewards end up with judging people by looking at them through the prism of their materialistic possessions. Yet, every parent tries to show their love through this material possession because their child is the one who gives an extension to their cast and culture.

                                                                                                                                             But fortunately, there are certain steps that one needs to take according to the Tovah P. Klein, assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College and author of “How Toddlers Thrive” . Moreover, the book says that children should not be offered for trips or gifts, it should be assured that a second dinner is not offered if a child does not like a first one, extra amount of money should not be spent on their toys and make some better use of money by not just offering them gifts but some other kind of reward for them that can secure their future. One good idea can be to collect money for their college in order to get their admission in a good college. Hence, the crux is that anything with more than its limitations can spoil any child.

                                                                                             However, there is another way around too, it is not always like manipulating your child or spoiling them. It depends upon how you are dealing your child in order to get the required output. If you really want your children to grow like you, then there are certain tactics to make that happen. The first step is to identify that what in your children is a bad behavior that needs to be demotivated and what needs a booster. Like, if a child is not staying in bed at the time, not brushing his teeth, or if your children are not co-operating in playing with each other and etcetera.

                                                                                                                                               Additionally, it is also a good idea to setup a reward chart ahead of time with your child in order to detail all the rewards that a child can be awarded. It can be far better to ask your child what he actually wants, that may actually change that negative aspect of spoiling your child into positive one. There are certain rewards or actions that can nurture your child in a positive way.

                                                   These incentives or rewards can be bifurcated into four. Firstly, the small or inexpensive items that may include some interesting stationery items, small toys that are inexpensive as well as interesting in looks to attract the attention, old CDs or anything that you feel might be used as a toy for your infant or young child. Secondly, on the list are the special privileges that you can offer your children if they behave well, abide by your sayings, or behave wisely in their habits. These special privileges can include providing your child with extra computer game time, extra TV time, cooking favorite dishes or allow them to play with their special toy. The other incentive or award you can provide to your children in order to lead them in a positive way is to make certain actions that include going swimming with them, going to sports events, visiting places like museums, joy lands, beaches, famous mountains, sceneries, etcetera. Lastly, parents can nurture their children with the best by spending time with them. In order to do that what you can do is taking some time from your official work and spending it with your child and family like cooking a meal together, say bed time stories to them, and etcetera.

                                                                                             Children Although children can be deviated from his studies once but taking care of certain things can allow them to flourish. It depends upon your technique that how you deal your children. Despite some negative aspects, there are some positives too. Therefore, rewarding your children can be said as a positive fact if handled after a planned and managed tactics.

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