showed that the heart does not know who

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I recall his affair. A love story that probably says I can not be with anyone because I do not want anyone to know his weakness to failure. I started to have feelings for him when I realized I could not lie to her heart again. And he and I played with a bunch of friends, pretty close. So I knocked himself all thoughts will like him, because it is not going to happen. If I like you then our friendship will end. So I fabricated a thousand reasons to just treat him as you alone.
As time passed, our friendships as more intimate but also the time I realized I really liked him. I can not say my feelings that just hatched it in your heart. Every day sees his feelings, but I grew increasingly more painful. Because I was afraid that if he knew then our friendship will be gone. But despite such fears I still care about you, want to talk to him a lot. And I do not doubt I love you so much. To come now after more than a year passed new stop my heart because he was sobbing.

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